Application Areas

All SIG products are ideally suited for a number of varying application areas.

The Burner Management Unit would benefit any commercial building as it efficiently manages the heating of buildings.

SIG b and SIG gb will benefit  industrial and commercial premises as they can easily be retro-fitted to electricity sub stations where energy management is vital and monitoring can be critical.

SIG smart energy share is perfect for local authority and housing association social housing to ensure efficient, effective distribution of electricity generated by solar panels.

SIG, together with its associated products and  compatible smart plugs and sockets, can provide switching and control within a local low voltage network

Since 2010, we have installed SIG controllers at locations such as heavy manufacturing that consume 200 to 300 megawatts of energy per day. SIG allows them to control and manage machinery more effectively. Other recent installations include commercial offices, garden centres, breweries, hotels and many hundreds of  domestic properties.

SIG  is a very robust and relatively low cost technology that is currently providing data, control, and management for commercial, industrial and consumers across the UK every day.