There are a great many benefits of using SIG both for the National Grid and the end consumer.

These include:

  • Small footprint – SIG sits in a consumer unit or electrical distribution system
  • Quick installation – typically within one day
  • Identification of wasted energy as product can drill down to a single appliance on the network
  • Monitors gas, electricity and water
  • A fully qualified electrician can install the SIG units
  • Downstream monitoring of either mid or non mid approved meters
  • Critical mains monitoring
  • Base load alerts either by text, email, or both
  • Trends and reports
  • Switch capabilities – provides support for external auxiliary circuits, backup generators, lighting, alarms
  • Switching management provides monitoring and metering of fans, lights, HVAC, and so on
  • Automated Monitoring and targeting
  • True half hourly data collection and aggregation aligns with industry standard monitoring
  • Assists corporate responsibilities with regards to energy and sustainability strategies

SIG smart energy share benefits include:

  • FREE renewable energy to ANY social housing property
  • Cost-effective initial investment
  • Easily integrated with retrofit programmes
  • Reduction in carbon footprint as fewer materials required