SIG Set to Transform Social Housing Energy Costs and Consumption

A revolutionary plug-in device capable of significantly reducing the cost of energy for Housing Associations and Local Authorities has been implemented for the first time.

As our use of energy increases so does the pressure we place on networks to deliver the power we need. Using renewable energy we can generate and harvest our own power, but at present the technology does not exist to push large quantities of energy back into the existing grid.

Now, for the first time, a method of using all generated energy in the most efficient way has been created and designed in conjunction with Golden Gates Housing Trust (GGHT) in Warrington, Cheshire. GGHT are the first social housing organisation in the country whose homes are being taken off the National Grid and placed on an isolated micro grid.

Midlands-based Smart Innovations Grid Limited working with GGHT has developed an appliance named SIG that measures, controls and distributes power to ensure the most cost-effective, efficient consumption.

Once connected into an existing electrical system, SIG becomes an integral, embedded part of any local energy network. Using a built-in telemetry system, SIG captures and transmits data back to servers that monitor how and when energy is used. The information is gathered by software and the energy intelligently managed by monitoring industry-standard meters, industrial sensors and switch gear to ensure the most effective use of purchased power and harvested energy. The result – continual, cost-effective management and control of energy, which ultimately reduces energy cost and consumption.

SIG smart energy share has been developed to meet the urgent need to reduce the rising cost of social housing energy. Solar panels installed on the roof of one social housing property, either new build or retrofit, generates electricity which is then shared between neighbouring homes and all residual generated energy is then exported back into the grid.

SIG technology ensures the continual, cost-effective management of energy as it calculates the most effective route to distribute power between properties – channelling power to the homes with immediate need. Its ability to measure all utilities reduces both cost and inconvenience of installing multiple technologies. It also removes the potential of human error by taking over responsibility of how energy is used and distributed.

If you would like to find out more about SIG and SIG smart energy share, you can call us on 08450 768 186email