SIG Inside is among leading UK businesses invited to take part in an exclusive programme designed to increase knowledge of sustainable commercial initiatives in India.

The Tamworth-based company, which uses digital technologies to create future-ready energy management systems, will travel to India as part of the Global Business Accelerator Programme. Organised by the Enterprise Europe Network, the five-day programme aims to help SMEs build and increase knowledge of the country’s ‘circular economy’ innovations which encourages the integration of sustainable economic activity and environmental wellbeing. UK delegates will have the opportunity to meet key industry stakeholders, develop innovative solutions, commercial contacts and knowledge of transfer partners based in Hyderabad and Bengaluru (Bangalore). The three-phase programme will include a pre-visit briefing on market and sector information, as well as pitch preparation and post-visit support to develop new solutions, access finance and commercialise.

SIG is dedicated to helping its customers reduce energy, reduce emissions and consume and control the import and export of energy in ways they have never been able to before. Its range of future-ready 4G IOT energy management and remote control technologies enable real-time power monitoring, resulting in a more cost-effective operation and a smaller carbon footprint for the user. As well as its technologies being deployed in the UK, Australia, Spain and Ireland, SIG’s GSM/GPRS 3G and 4G Asset Management and Control devices are being rolled-out in the US to provide remote, real-time monitoring of transport infrastructure to help improve road and rail safety. The innovation is seen as a first step to creating the country’s first ‘smart city’- an urban area which uses electronic data collection to supply information for the efficient management of its assets and resources.

India has experienced rapid and sustained growth to become the world’s third fastest-growing economy. Its development and innovative regeneration through its developing Circular Economy initiatives was key to its selection as a destination for the Global Business Accelerator Programme.

Outlining the benefits of the visit to India, Jim Allen, CEO at SIG, said: “We believe energy is at the heart of the smart city, and utility companies, government and innovation play a key role in developing ambitious decarbonisation programmes through innovations in smart grid and smart home technology, demand management, renewable generation, storage and electric vehicle adoption. We believe this visit will cement our innovation creating competitive advantage whilst the market is still young.”

The Global Business Accelerator Programme Circular Economy and Manufacturing visit to India takes place from March 18th to 23rd.