SIG and the Smart Grid

If you don't measure it, you can't manage it


SIG monitors and measures the use of purchased electricity, gas, water and the use of renewable energy, harvested from wind turbines and solar panels. The ability to measure all utilities reduces both cost and inconvenience of installing multiple technologies.

The information is gathered by our software and the energy intelligently managed by monitoring industry-standard meters, industrial sensors and switch gear to ensure the most effective use of purchased power and harvested energy.

The Smart Grid

A Smart Grid is an intelligent, automated power distribution system which independently monitors and distributes the flow of electricity from its source to the consumer in order to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

In a world where the protection of natural resources has become a top priority, it is important to find effective ways to reduce energy consumption. Using the latest information and communication technologies, all equipment on Smart Grid networks communicate with each other to form a single intelligent system of energy supply. The collected information is analysed and the results are used to optimise the use of electricity, reduce costs, and increase the reliability and efficiency of power systems.

Across the UK, power systems are managed by District Network Operators that use high voltage power across large-scale grids. These networks occasionally experience local disruptions, which can have a tremendous impact on the entire grid and often lead to significant power outage.

As our use of energy increases so does the pressure we place on networks to deliver the power we need. Using renewable energy we can generate and harvest our own power, but at present the technology does not exist to push large quantities of energy back into the existing grid.

SIG is ideally placed to offer smart grid products and applications.